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List of foreign scientific publications

The teaching staff is actively working on research and has tested them through publications in foreign journals. Preparation of scientific articles carried in English, thus extending the circle of scientists who can get acquainted with the scientific work of the department improves the citation of scientific articles, fosters international scientific relations and expand cooperation.


1. Ozeran A.V. The concept of financial results in a system of accounting and financial reporting by enterprises of Ukraine // The 2th Balkans and Middle East Counties Conference on Auditing and Accounting History. Istanbul (Turkey): Association of Teachers of Accounting and Finance of higher education institutions in Turkey (MUFAD), 15-18 September, 2010.

2. Lakhtionova L., Kirichenko N. Analysis of report about financial results at small enterprise: Ukrainian experience. — 5-th Edition of Scientific Conference “MIKROFIRMA 2009”, May 11—14, 2009, Poland: Szczecin, Szczecinskiy University, Germany: Berlin, Fachhochschule fьr Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin; 6-th Edition of Scientific Conference “MIKROFIRMA 2010”, May 10—13, 2010. — Poland: Szczecin, Szczecinskiy University, 2010. – P. 441 – 450.

3. Lakhtionova L., Kirichenko N.Model of the analysis of financial results according to the financial reporting for decision-making on management of the company at the time of financial crisis in conditions of globalization of economy // International Conference “New socio-economic challenges of development in Europe 2010”, October 7—9, 2010 Riga, University of Latvia. — Riga: University of Latvia, 2011. – P. 372 – 381.

4. Lakhtionova L.Analysis and management by financial stability of company: Ukrainian experience. — International Conference “Cur­rent Issues management of Business and Society Development — 2011, May 5 — 7, 2011, Riga, University of Latvia. — Latvia: Riga, 2011. - P. 185 – 186.

5. Lakhtionova L.Analysis of financial stability of company from data of their financial reports: Ukrainian experience // Business Analysis, Accounting, Taxes and Auditing., November 10—11, 2011, Tallinn, Estonia, Tallinn university of technology. — Estonia: Tallinn, 2011. – P. 198 – 209.

6. Lakhtionova L. Methodic and organization of analysis of financial stability of company from data of their financial reports: Ukrainian expe­rience // The International Scientific Conference “Accounting, Audit, Analysis: Science in the Context of Innovation and Globalization”, March 29 — 30, 2012, Vilnius, Lithuania, Vilnius University. 1st Part. — Vilnius: Vilnius University, 2012. – P. 325 – 335.

7. Lakhtionova L.,Efimenko V., Kirichenko N. Organization stages of analysis of form № 2 “Report about financial results”: Ukrainian experience // The International Scientific Conference “Accounting, Audit, Analysis: Science in the Context of Innovation and Globalization”, March 29—30, 2012, Vilnius, Lithuania, Vilnius University. 1st Part. — Vilnius: Vilnius University, 2012. – P. 336 – 344.

8. Lakhtionova L. Analysis of financial stability of companies in conditions of globalization of economy. — International Scientific Conference New challenges of economic and business development – 2012. May 10—12, 2012, Riga, University of Latvia. – Latvia: Riga, 2012. –P. 74.

9. A. Ozeran, M. Koryagin. The results of implementation of the international standards of accounting and financial reporting in Ukraine: problematic issues and solutions //13th world congress of accounting historians. NewcastleUniversity,Newcastle upon Tyne,UK, 17-19 July,2012.

10. Ozeran A.V. The results of implementation of the international financial reporting standards in Ukraine: problematic issues and solutions // Tsenov Academy of Economics (EBSCO) Bulgaria, м.  Svishtov, 2013. – «Dialogue»: http://www.uni-svishtov.bg/dialog/I-MagBg.htm

11. Ozeran А., Vovk M. Long Road of Transition: Entering International Financial Reporting Standards Era in Ukraine // The 14th Annual Doctoral Conference of Faculty of Finance and Accounting. Prague (Czech Republic): University of Economics, 31 May 2013. – P. 32-34.

12. Bondar М.І., Babich V.V. Costs dual purpose: tax and an accounting aspects // Magazine "Independent auditor". Kiev: Ltd. "Publisher "Owl" (Not registered in scientometric databases). – №3. – 2013. – Р. 2-6.

13. Bondar M.I., Kuzminskyj Y.A., Svirko S.V. Synergetic effect from interdependence of scientific and educational activities in the field of accounting // Magazine "Independent Auditor".  Kiev: LLC "Sova" number 9. – 2014  . – P. 2-19.

14. Ozeran A.V., Korshikova R.S. Representation of property, plant, and equipment in the financial statements: ways of harmonization of Ukraine accounting requierments (standards) to IFRS //“International сonference on accounting, auditing and taxation”.  Estonia: Tallinn Electronic Proceedings(11-12 december 2014).

15.  Khodzytska Valentyna. Strategic cost management. The impact of political risk on the analysis of investment decisions: International collaboration in Eurasia // Proceedings of the 1st International Sciences Conference “Science and Education in Australia, America and Eurasia: Fundamental and Applied Science”. International Agency for the Development of Culture, Education and Science. Australia, Melbourne, 2014.  -  P. 133-134.

16.  Lovinska L.G., Kalyuga E.V. Methodological aspects of accounting production costs of the public sector // magazine "ScienceRise". Kharkov: NVP PP "Technology Center". – № 9. – 2015. – P. 28 -35.

17.  Bondar M., Iershova N. Theoretical and methodological approaches to assessing the safety and reliability of accounting and analytical information in the system of economic security of enterprises // International Journal of Innovative Technologies in Econom: Scientific and Educational Consulting Group «WORLD Science», Ajman, United Arab Emirates. – № 1. – 2015. – P. 9 -22.

18. Lovinska Liudmyla, Iefymenko Tetiana. Monitoring of Compliance and Enforcement (MC&E) Mechanisms for Corporate Reporting, Audit, and Requirements for Professional Accountants in Ukraine // The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development  (UNCTAD). Switzerland, Geneva: UN. – 2015. – Electronic edition: http://isar.unctad.org/isar32.

19. Lovinska Liudmyla, Iefymenko Tetiana. AccountingreforminUkraineinthecontextofcooperationwiththeUnitedNations// Kyiv: GESU«АFM»  - journal«Finance of Ukraine», № 11. – 2016. - Р.11-32.

20.      Ozeran A.V., Korshikova R.S. Harmonizationof  NS(R)A of Ukraine and IFRS on accounting forproperty, plant and equipment // Kyiv:LTD«SОVА»- journal«Independingauditor»,   №  15. – 2016. – Р. 54-61.

21. Ostap’yk N.A., Martyniuk O., Kotowska B., Malyszkin O., Rupejka-Apoga R. SprawozdawczoscfinansowaipodatkowaprzedsiebiorstwsektoraMSPwwybranychkrajachEuropyWzchodniej  // Sopot(Poland): SopockajSzkolaWyzsza– Magazine  «CzasopismonaukoweSopockiejSzkolyWyzszej», № 3. – 2016. –Р.147-162.

22. Khodzytska Valentyna. Modeling of financial and economic paradigm of strategic management accounting of business entities // Praha: Prague Praha: Modern Science, № 6. - 2016. - P.63-69.

23. Lakhtionova L. Methods of financial risk analysis: Ukrainian experience Aвstract //  International Conference «Conference on Accounting, Auditing, and Taxation». – Tallinn (Estonia): Tallinn University of Technology, 8–9, December 2016. – Р. 112-117.

      24. Bezverkhiy K. Statement of corporate social responsibility for human resource management / K. Bezverkhiy, V. Panteleyev //
      Theoretical, methodological and practical foundations of human resources management: collective monograph / Edited by M.    
       Bezpartochnyi. – Riga: «Landmark» SIA, 2016. – P. 95 – 104.  
      25. Marchuk U., Fabiianska V.  Product quality as a condition for maximisation of profit:accounting and control aspects / U. Marchuk, V. Fabiianska // Ekonomicnij Casopis – XXI (Economic Annals-XXI). – 2017  №163(1-2(1)). – С.85-90.
 26. Marchuk U. Accounting policies - strategic component of effective business entities /U. Marchuk // Economy. Finances. Management: actual issues of science and practical activity. – 2017. – №4. - С.97-107.
  27. Ostap’ykN.A. Economic security in the management of investment projects: convergence of accounting mechanisms /N.A. Ostap’yk // Problems and Perspectives in Management – 2017. - № 4. – P. 21-35. 
  28. Ostap’ykN.A. Organization of operational and strategic controlling in integrated accounting system / N.A. Ostap’yk //Technology audit and production reserves. - 2017. - № 35. – Р. 24-29. 
    29. Lezhnenko L., Karabaza I. Introduction directions of international accounting and management practices info domestic experience of accounting and analysis / L. Lezhnenko, I. Karabaza // Czestochowa: Educator. – Scientific journal of Polonia university periodyk naukowy akademii polonijnej. – 2017. - nr 4. – Р. 102-109. 
      30. Chabanyuk O.A., Hutsol I.A. Influence of transparency on informative value of financial statements / O.A. Chabanyuk, I.A. Hutsol // Economic and social development of Ukraine in XXI century: national vision and globalization challenges: Collection of scientific articles. – Oklahoma City: Dradt2Digital Publishing House. - 2017. – № 21. - Р. 154- 156.




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