Faculty of Accounting and Management Taxation

Audit Department

Audit Department (founded in 2000) is one of the profile departments of Accounting and Economics faculty, specializes in the study of theoretical and methodological problems of auditing, court and accounting examination, internal economic control, state financial control, establishment and operation of  information systems and technologies in accounting, analysis and control.


The first (bachelor) level of higher education: the specialization "Digital-accounting".
Master Program 8006 "Audit and Public Financial Control"


The decision of the Academic Council of the Kyiv National Economic University of
27.06.2000 # 456 and permission of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine established
the Audit Department on the base of the Faculty of Accounting and Economics.
The first head of the department and its organizer was Professor of Economics Victor P. Zavgorodniy.
2001-2011 the Department was headed by a leading specialist in auditing, Professor
V.Y. Savchenko.
In 2012 the department was headed by Professor of Economics, Academician of Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine, certified auditor Olena A. Petryk – known expert in the field of audit activities in Ukraine.


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Deputy Head - PhD in Economics, Associate Professor -  is Iryna I. Matiyenko-Zubenko.
A short period of time has passed since the department was founded, but today it is one of the leading departments of our university.
The department has its own traditions and its own special spirit of mutual support and good
friendly relations.


Audit Department carries out research on the topic "Development of Theory and Practice of
Audit and State Financial Control on the base of contemporary information technologies in
terms of innovation economy "(state registration number 0112V002956); it organizes scientific seminars, round tables and conferences devoted to current problems in accounting and auditing.
There is close cooperation with the Audit Chamber of Ukraine, the Accounting Chamber of
Ukraine, the State Financial Inspection of Ukraine, and other relevant state structures and institutions, accounting companies (including the Big Four) enterprises. Numerous agreements concerning further cooperation have been signed.

The department maintains close partnership relations with a large number of higher educational institutions of Ukraine to exchange experience and implement joint projects. The department has trained a number of doctors and PhDs in the specialty "Accounting, analysis and audit" for specialized departments of many universities in Ukraine, as well as for the public and business structures.

The department has formed a creative team of highly skilled teachers, who constantly
update the content of disciplines, introduce author’s own courses, actively introduce new educational technologies, create  monographs, manuals and textbooks that are in demand all over Ukraine.

The experience and high professional level of teachers and assistants, the dynamics of development have given the opportunity to become the leading department among those training specialists in auditing in Ukraine.

Today the scientific, methodological and educational process is provided by 22 people including 2 professors, 6 associate professors, 10 assistant professors and 2 assistants.
This research potential of the department allows to complete thorough training of specialists in
audit that can solve complex problems and tasks set by the current economy of our country.

Department graduates become competitive and fully meet the requirements of employers in the field of accounting and auditing in Ukraine.

Further development of the department is aimed at strengthening of the teaching staff
(training of new professors and PhDs), improvement of the training  process, use of new educational technologies and introduction of new science teaching (subjects) and master's degree programs, that correspond to the current economic and educational governmental policy, the required level of knowledge and practical skills of experts in the field of accounting
and auditing. The Department is planning further development of research work and partnerships.