Faculty of Accounting and Tax Management

Educational Methodology Work

The team of the Department is developing and implementing innovative educational products for the teaching of disciplines, such as Accounting in Banks, Accounting in Budgetary Entities, and Economic Analysis. Major lines of the educational methodology work include the compilation of novel curricula in accounting for banks and budgetary entities, and in the economic analysis curricula focused on the application of modern information technologies. Multimedia materials and presentations of accounting processes in banks and budgetary institutions are being developed; online business analysis consultations are held, and the teaching process is being intensified by means of the implementation of interdisciplinary training courses in line with the core speciality training. 

The results of the educational methodology work of the Department based on innovative approaches have been presented in the following textbooks and manuals published over the last 5 years on the basis of the latest achievements of the international science and industry practice:

1. Кіндрацька Л.М. Фінансовий облік у банках (Financial Accounting in Banks). - К.:КНЕУ, 2010. – 549 с.
2. Економічний аналіз у схемах і таблицях (Economic Analysis in Diagrams and Tables) / І.М.Парасій-Вергуненко, С.В.Калабухова, Г.А.Ямборко та ін./ За заг.ред. проф.Л.М. Кіндрацької. - К.: КНЕУ, 2010. – 260 с.
3. Парасій-Вергуненко І.М. Управлінський облік і аналіз в банках (Management Accounting and Analysis in Banks). - К.: КНЕУ, 2010. – 340 с.
4. Івахненко В.М. Теорія економічного аналізу (Economic Analysis Theory). – К.:Видавничий дім «Слово», 2010. – 352 с.
5. Кириленко В.Б. Податковий облік і звітність (Tax Accounting and Reporting). – К.: КНЕУ, 2010. – 20 д.а.
6. Болюх М.А., Заросило А.П. Управлінський облік і аналіз в бюджетних установах (Management Accounting and Analysis in Budget-funded Institutions): Навч.посібник. – К.: КНЕУ, 2010. – 290 с.

Last redaction: 16.02.23