Faculty of Accounting and Management Taxation

Scientific word

The research activities of the Department are focused on the development of the professional and scientific level of students, post-graduate and doctoral students, teachers and professors. The work is carried out in the fields of the improvement of the theory, the methodology and the organisation of the accounting. The department carries out research work into the Improvement of Accounting and Control in Sectors of the Economy. The Department considers research as a tool for the improvement of educational and professional programmes of the training of accounting and auditing specialists. Teachers of the Department research into the following areas: 

  • the enhancement of the innovation appeal of the scientific studies in the field of accounting in the course of the performance of the research work funded from the state budget and other sources;
  • the preparation of PhD and ScD theses by teachers, post-graduate and doctoral students of the Department;
  • the participation of teachers and professors of the Department in international, national and university-level scientific practical conferences;
  • the scientific co-operation with leading research establishments and industrial companies;
  • the participation in international seminars and the internship of teachers of the department with educational establishments of foreign countries.

Professors and teachers o the Department perform active work on the development of new draft regulations in the field of accounting (accounting policies, methodological recommendations), and the improvement of the applicable regulatory acts.

About 10 theses for degrees of ScD and PhD in Economics per year are defended under the guidance of leading doctors, professors and associate professors. Students of the Accounting and Economics Faculty take an active part in the Department's research. They are involved into the research starting from the 3rd semester, when they start studying the accounting system.

Last redaction: 29.08.23