Faculty of Accounting and Tax Management

Educational and Methodological work

The Department of Audit is one of the leading departments of the Faculty of Accounting and Tax Management, specializing in the study of theoretical and methodological and organizational problems of audit (independent, state, internal), state financial control, internal economic control, forensic accounting expertise, creation and operation of information systems and technologies in accounting and auditing. It is a highly effective structural unit, whose development in the direction of teaching and methodological work is rapidly increasing.

The main tasks of the department in teaching and methodological work are:

  • improvement of curricula and programs in the disciplines taught by the department (including the normative and selective components);
  • devvelopment of new and improvement of existing educational and methodological complexes on the disciplines of the department for different specialties in accordance with modern requirements regarding the level of training of specialists;
  • organization of improvement of pedagogical skills of young faculty members, postgraduates;
  • provision of educational and teaching materials for the teaching of subjects at the first (bachelor) and second (master's) levels of higher education of full-time and part-time study forms;
  • preparation of bachelor’s specialization "Accounting and audit", "Digital accounting", "Tax management", masters in the specialty "Accounting and taxation" in all forms of education, as well as students obtaining the educational-scientific level PhD;
  • involvement of experienced practitioners (accountants and auditors) in the training process for conducting master classes, trainings, problem lectures;
  • involvement of student youth in the research work of the department;
  • organization of students' practice and scientific management by master degree theses.

All teachers of the department have sufficient experience in teaching and methodological work and can provide a high level of training of specialists, and their research is relevant to the subjects of the disciplines, which are assigned to the department.

Special attention is paid to the preparation and implementation of new educational disciplines and innovative educational technologies, as well as educational and methodological literature on professional disciplines.

A number of manuals and textbooks have been prepared by the teaching staff of the department: "Audit" (textbook), "Audit" (workshop), "Enterprise tax audit" (Training Manual), "Internal audit" (Training Manual), "State audit" (tutorial), "State financial control" (textbook), "Computer audit" (educational manual).

The educational and work curricula, discipline programs, and methodological materials that provide the learning process are fully developed.

Syllabi of bachelor degree disciplines:

  • "Audit" 
  • "Information systems and technologies in accounting" 
  • "Basics of economic control"
  • "Accounting in applied software solutions"
  • "Internal audit"
  • "Internal control"
  • "Forensic accounting expertise"

Syllabi of master's degree disciplines:

  • "Methodology and organization of research in accounting, auditing and taxation"
  • "Organization and methods of control and audit"
  • "Public finance audit"
  • "Audit of taxation of entrepreneurial activity"
  • "Audit of specialized spheres and related services"
  • "Internal audit of corporations"
  • "Internal audit in public organizations"
  • "State financial control"
  • "Due diligence of enterprises"
  • "Economic expertise in accounting and taxation"
  • "Tax audit"
  • "Management information systems in analysis and audit"
  • "Management information systems in the analysis and audit of the enterprise"
  • "Management information systems in analysis and taxation"

Syllabi of PhD degree disciplines:

  • "Audit and economic analysis: theory, methodology, organization"
  • "Information systems and technologies of accounting, analysis and auditing in the conditions of the global economy"
  • "Financial control system"

Developed methodological support for practical training:

  • Methodological recommendations for writing course papers on discipline "Audit";
  • Training in discipline "Information systems and technologies in accounting";
  • Methodological materials for master thesis writing;
  • Cross disciplinary training;
  • Pre-diploma program.

Educational and methodological support for the training of accounting and taxation specialists has been developed in accordance with current regulations and recommendations of relevant ministries and departments and educational and professional programs, qualification characteristics and requirements, curriculum and work curricula. The curricula fully correspond to the didactic requirements for the content of education, as well as innovations in the field of methodological research.

Certification training

The teaching staff of the Audit Department is constantly increasing the level of qualification by studying at the specialized courses "Remote technologies in the educational space of the University" and "Modern information and communication technologies and their use in the educational process of the economic university", functioning at the State University «Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman», as well as improving  professional skills, maintaining close links with professional organizations, government and international institutions, such as the World bank, the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market of Ukraine, the Audit Chamber of Ukraine, Union of Auditors of Ukraine, the Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Ukraine, international and domestic audit firms and companies engaged in the computerization of the accounting and analytical process: KPMG audit firm, "PKF Audit-Finance" audit firm, "CaseWareUkraine", "IT Technologies" (IT-Enterprise), "PARUS", "Intelligence-Service", "Corporation GALAXY UKRAINE", "Institute of Applied Systems and Technologies", "KIT-AUDIT" and other.

Students of the Master's program 8О06 «Audit and state financial control» have the opportunity to have internships at such enterprises as: State Enterprise “ANTONOV”, PJSC "Deloitte & Touche USC", PJSC "KPMG Audit", LLC "Audit Company "ED Rem", LLC "Audit Company "P.S.P. Audit", LLC "Audit Firm "Yakovlev & Partners", LLC "BDO", LLC "High Harvest", LLC "GLUSCO UKRAINE, " LLC "ELEVATOR "SUCCESS ROKITNE", LLC "Ernst & Young Audit Services", LLC "Invest Media", LLC "RIG EXPERT UKRAINE", LLC "Skvirsky Integrated Bakery Products", LLC "SPV COMPANY LTD", Headquarters of DNV GL - Business Assurance Poland (Polish Business Insurance), it is also possible to involve in the organization of the practice of other business representatives and public institutions.

Our graduates are competitive in the labor market, successful in entrepreneurial activity and in the civil service, hold high positions of managers and leading specialists in enterprises of different forms of ownership, in financial and credit institutions, in state bodies and other structures. The best master’s graduates continue their postgraduate studies.

Educational and professional training programs for future specialists are the basis of higher economic education, which is provided by the study of a balanced system of fundamental and professionally oriented disciplines.