Faculty of Accounting and Tax Management


Bachelor’s degree of specialization
«Digital Accounting»
of specialty 071 "Accounting and Taxation", the branch of knowledge 07 "Management and Administration"
       At the present stage of human development, known as the "information society", the creation, dissemination, usage and synthesis of information constitutes a significant part of economic, political and cultural activity. Increasing the role of information and knowledge in the life of society, creating a global information space that ensures effective interaction of people, their access to world information resources and their needs for information products and services, stipulate the need for highly skilled professionals with a promising way of thinking and the ability to apply new ideas in business in the digital economy.
The Faculty of Accounting and Tax Management of the Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman introduced for the first time in Ukraine a new specialization "Digital Accounting" for Bachelor’s degree of education of specialty 071 "Accounting and Taxation", the branch of knowledge 07 "Management and Administration".
The purpose of the specializationis the training of highly qualified accounting and taxation specialists who, deepening the traditional professional competence of the accountant and the auditor, gain additional opportunities to implement the latest theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the digital economy: understanding of e-business and information law; ability to conduct accounting and audit on the basis of digital technologies and cloud infrastructures; implementation business intelligence in data analysis and programming in the accounting and control environment; mastering the knowledge of the fundamentals of cyber security.
Specialization "Digital-accounting"focuses on the formation of a knowledge system, competences and practical skills in the field of accounting and taxation for future specialists aimed at:
  • understanding the methods of building an e-business, its tools for work in different market segments;
  • application of the digital technology principles in accounting, audit and analysis;
  • mastering the skills of organization and methods of providing accounting services in real time using modern information platforms;
  • practical usage of cloud and other innovative technologies;
  • understanding cyber threats and information security systems, in particular regarding organization of the enterprise information security system;
  • understanding of the digital audit essence, modern technologies and tools for its implementation;
  • ability to analyze and solve problems in the field of infographics and information design as a tool for business promotion;
  • mastering skills in the field of electronic procurement, etc.
Graduates can work in enterprises, institutions, banks, insurance companies, stock markets, public and local government bodies; auditing and consulting firms, state-owned enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises as accounting, auditing, and economic analysis specialists, business analysts, accounting and data analysis consultants, website developers, IT specialists.

List of positions the graduate may hold:

  • Digital Chief; Digital strategist; Digital analyst,
  • Chief data officer (CDO), Chief analytics officer (CAO) і Chief data science officer (CDSO),
  • accountant, auditor, internal auditor, tax specialist, network accountant, virtual accountant, network accounting and auditing consultant,
  • information analyst, Web analyst, developer of Big Data models, etc.,
  • interface designer, information stylist, web designer,
  • moderator of customer interaction platform, coordinator of educational online platform for accounting and auditing, usability expert.
List of new disciplines for specializing in Digital Accounting:
  • Programming accounting and taxation systems;
  • Digital-accounting in budgetary institutions;
  • Integrated information systems in accounting and taxation;
  • Digital-audit;
  • Enterprise Reporting in the digital economy;
  • Digital economy;
  • Intelligence analysisof data in accounting and auditing;
  • E-business;
  • Infographics and information design in economic research;
  • Electronic procurement;
  • Digital accounting in banks and others;
Benefits of studying educational program "Digital Accounting” at Vadym Hetman KNEU:
  • the unique educational program in Ukraine;
  • practical orientation of specialization, possibility to work with innovative application software;
  • a wide range of specialized disciplines of practical direction;
  • mastering professional digital competencies that will be relevant for work in organizations, institutions, enterprises of the private and public economy sectors in the coming decades while taking into account the prospects for the science and technology development;
  • availability of significant labor market demand for knowledge and skills in digital accounting and auditing;
  • broad opportunities for international academic mobility;
  • the opportunity to apply for a Master's degree in all areas of economics and management to universities both in Ukraine and in European countries.
Additional benefits of the Bachelor Program “Digital Account”:
  1. Acquiring the practical skills in application software packages:
  2. ERP-system "IT-Enterprise", "IT-Enterprise" - configuration for banking institutions, "Master: Accounting", on-line "Master: Accounting", on-line-accounting "Accounting SaaS", ERP-system "ІS - PRO", "Galaxy ERP", "PARUS Accounting" (configurations for commercial and budget institutions), "M.E.Doc", "KIT.Audit", "YouControl".
  3. Certification of applied software solutions users "Galaxy ERP", "PARUS Accounting", "Accounting SaaS", "Master: Accounting", "IS-PRO", "M.E.Doc", "KIT.Audit".
Acquiring the practical skills of using the ERP-system "IT-Enterprise" of the class Industry 4.0:
-SmartFactory - smart production,
-SmartManager - electronic document flow,
-SmartEAM - repair management,
-SmartTender - online procurement.
Last redaction: 21.07.23