Faculty of Accounting and Management Taxation

The accounting system and accounting operations are considered to be the language of business. It provides all the users, from owners and managers of enterprises, shareholders, investors to public administration and control bodies with reliable, relevant, objective and informative data about the financial position and performance. This fact explains the high requirements for the training of accounting, auditing and tax accounting specialists at the Faculty of Accounting and Tax Management, established in 1959.

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The present level of the faculty, its successes and achievements are the result of the painstaking and creative work of many people, organizers, scientists who work and used to work there.

      Significant contribution to the development of the faculty, the formation of young specialists, the improvement of teaching and methodological work, the development of science was made by the heads of departments, prominent teachers and scholars. They are Doctors of Economic Sciences, Professors P.P. Nimchinov, Y.Y. Lytvyn, A.M. Kuzminsky, I.I. Karakoz, M.G. Chumachenko, V.I. Naidenov, V.I. Samborsky, V.P. Zavgorodniy, E.V. Dolgopolov, Y.S. Paskhaver, A.V. Golovach, V.P. Trofimov, S.S. Gerasimenko, R.M. Motorin.
     A special place in this cohort belongs to the former deans of the faculty, candidates of economic sciences, associate professors M.G. Tsyupa, O.F. Fedorov, S.O. Koshelyuk, M.F. Koba, O.V. Kozyrev, candidate of economic sciences, professor G.M. Melnychuk. For the last 20 years, until March 2016, the faculty was headed by Vasilij Ivanovich Yefimenko, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Professor.
The successful work of the faculty is also guaranteed by a high professional and scientific level of the present scientific and pedagogical staff. About 80 scholars are currently working at faculty departments, including 19 doctors of economic sciences and professors, 46 candidates of sciences, associate professors, 15 senior lecturers and assistants. All of them are remarkable, bright and talented individuals.
        The studing process at the faculty is serviced by 13 experienced inspectors, laboratory assistants and dispatchers of the departments and faculty. The Faculty of Accounting and Tax Management trains specialists in the specialty "Accounting and Taxation" for the educational degrees of bachelor and master in full-time and part-time study forms.
          The duration of the bachelor's degree in full-time and part-time studies is 4 years. In the process of studying in an educational bachelor's degree, students acquire professional competencies by studying the following disciplines:
  • Accounting (general theory);
  • Financial Accounting;
  • Tax System of The Enterprise;
  • The Theory of Economic Analysis;
  • The Basis of Economic Control;
  • Analysis of Economic Activity;
  • Audit;
  • Managerial Accounting;
  • Accounting and Reporting in Taxation;
  • Information Systems and Technologies in Accounting;
  • Accounting in Banks;
  • Accounting in Budgetary Institutions.
      After getting a bachelor's degree and obtaining a diploma, students in the Accounting and Taxation specialty can continue their studies on a competitive basis under the following master's programs:
• "Accounting and audit in the management of entrepreneurial activity" (Ukrainian and English);
• "Accounting and Audit in the Banks Management";
• "Accounting and control in the sector of public administration";
• "Taxation in entrepreneurial activity";
• "Managerial accounting and control;
• "Audit and Public Financial Control".
Students choose master's degree program on their own, taking into account their future employment plans. The normative term of master's degree program is 1 year and 6 months for full-time and 1 year and 8 months for extramural students.
The latest achievements of the faculty include introduction of innovation and communication technologies into the educational process at the bachelor and master levels. For this purpose, an Educational Training Center of the OMP faculty has been established at the Accounting and Tax Management Faculty. Its main task is a close cooperation with the information technology developers and an introduction of recent advances in the information industry to the educational process.
         The faculty prolonged cooperation agreements with such corporations, like "1C", "Galaxy Ukraine", "Parus Ukraine", "Intelligence-Service", which applied software solutions are successfully used in obtaining professional skills. New agreements were signed with "KIT: XXI" and "Institute of Applied Systems and Technologies". Students gain knowledge in accounting programs ("1С: Accounting, Ukraine", "Parus", "Galaxy ERP", "M.E.Doc", "Master. Accounting") which is important in their future professional activity. An application software "Accounting SaaS" (a new achievement in the automation of accounting with the usage of cloud technologies) and the "KIT. Audit" software for conducting audit are used in the learning process. This is a real strengthening of the practical component of the studying at the faculty.
        In 2016 curriculars for the examinations of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) were accredited. Accreditation of ACCA on the basis of the curriculum of the current bachelor program of the specialty "Accounting and Audit" gives the right to receive credits for four ACCA examinations:
F1 - The role of an accountant in the business environment;
F2 - Managerial accounting;
F3 - Financial accounting;
F4 - Corporate and Entrepreneurial Law.
Accreditation of the Master's program "Accounting and Audit in the Business Management" additionally gives the right to receive a credit for the ACCA F7 exam - Financial Reporting.
       Innovation of the faculty development consists in the preparation of fully developed and professionally trained personalities that can act as carriers and active promoters of advanced knowledge. On the faculty there is a radical change in the basic methods of teaching and learning, in exchange for lectures and practical (seminar) classes in the traditional form come the latest methods of teaching and learning. For example, these are lecture-discussions, trainings, case studies, business games and other forms and methods. Bachelor's and masters' training is carried out on full-time and part-time forms with the use of innovative learning technologies, based on the latest achievements of domestic and foreign scientific thoughts in accordance with modern socio-economic conditions. All this should contribute to the personal and professional growth of the faculty students, which will ensure the competitiveness of graduates in the labor market in Ukraine and in the world; the formation of a harmoniously developed personality of the student, the comprehensive development of creative potential of the faculty staff and, as a consequence, the transformation of the faculty into a leading one in its specialty in Ukraine.
      The main property of the faculty is its students, because without them it is impossible to imagine a faculty. The Faculty of Accounting and Tax Management is one of the largest in KNEU and numbers about 1000 students.
Major places of work of graduates in the specialty "Accounting and taxation" are small, medium and large enterprises, enterprises with foreign investments, commercial banks, investment funds and companies, audit firms, organizations and institutions, ministries and offices. Depending on the desire and vocation of young people, specialists can work as teachers of accounting, auditing, tax, economic analysis, public financial control in technical schools, colleges and higher educational institutions.
    After successful completing of studies at the Master's level the graduate students of the faculty have the following positions:
• Auditor;
• accountant-expert;
• controller accountant;
• Chief Accountant;
• Chief State Tax Inspector;
• Chief cashier;
• Chief controller;
• CFO (Chief financial officer);
• Economist in Accounting and Business Analysis;
• Economist in financial work;
• Economist-advisor;
• Economic Consultant;
• commodity market research analyst;
• tax consultant;
• Research officer (in accounting, auditing, taxation, business management, bank management and public sector management);
• Head of Control and Audit Department;
• and so on.
      The faculty coordinates the activities of the Employment Promotion Center "Perspectives" and facilitates job search and employment of graduates. On the base of the Center students have an opportunity to take adaptational trainings, take part in the Days of Career and establish contacts with leading Ukrainian and international companies. The faculty has created a base of leading enterprises, institutions and organizations for students` doing internship and developing their professional competencies.
The faculty has created favorable conditions for scientific activity and students` participation in international research projects. The faculty has a specialized scientific council for defending thesis in order to become a holder of a Ph.D or Doctor`s Degree of economic sciences, specialty "Accounting, analysis and audit (according to the types of economic activities)." Since September, 2016 there is a set for postgraduate and doctoral studies in the specialty "Accounting and taxation". University (Faculty) is a co-founder of scientific publications in particular scientific and practical journal "Accounting and Auditing" (chief editor – Ph.D, Professor Vasyl Efimenko), scientific journal "Independent auditor" (chief editor - Doctor of Economics, Professor Yuriy Kuzminsky). Lecturers of the faculty are members of the editorial boards of the leading professional publications in the field of accounting, taxation, analysis and audit.
On the base of the Faculty of Accounting and Tax Management the Institute of Accounting operates, the main purpose of which is to develop the scientific direction "Accounting, analysis and control of economic activity of  entities" in the segment of economic sciences; development of recommendations for solving current issues of accounting, analytical and control of financial providing for management of the business entities; Assistance through conducting researches and their results of educational activity and activity on preparation of scientific personnel of the State Higher Educational Institution "Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman".
The structure of the faculty includes four departments:
The Department of Accounting and Taxation – Head, Maria Shygun, Doctor of Ecomics, professor (tel.: 456-52-56; 371-62-31, kafedra34@ukr.net)
The Department of Accounting in Credit and Budget Institutions and Economic Analysis – Head of Lyubomyra Kindratska, Doctor of Economics, professor (tel.: 371-62-38, 456-52-56).
Department of Accounting – Head Yuriy Kuzminsky, Doctor of Economics, professor (tel.: 371-62-70, 371-62-46).
Audit Department – Head Petryk Olena, Doctor of Economics, professor (tel.: 371-62-54).