Faculty of Accounting and Management Taxation

Accounting and Audit in Banking Management

The normative period of training: one year and 6 months for full-time and one year and eight months for distance learning.
The curriculum for the Master's Program foresees the following subjects:
A)  Compulsory:
• Financial management;
• Personnel Management;
• Organization and methods of audit (in banks);
• Organization of accounting (in banks);
• Tax accounting and reporting.
B) Specialized training:
• Reporting in banks;
• Accounts technologies of banking operations;
• Management accounting and analysis in banks;
• Accounting and Auditing at the National Bank of Ukraine.

The graduates of the Master's Program acquire the right to hold such positions in financial institutions and banking sector:
• Auditor;
• The accountant-expert;
• Accountant-Auditor;
• Chief Accountant;
• The chief state tax inspector-auditor;
• Chief Expert;
• Chief cashier;
• Chief Auditor;
• Financial Director;
• Economist in accounting and business analysis;
• Economist on financial work;
• Economist Advisor;
• The head of the fund;
• Consultant on economic  issues;
• Consultant on taxes and fees;
• Researcher (audit, accounting);
• Head of Audit Department;
• Columnist on economic issues.
Download the teaching complex with the Master's Program "Accounting and audit ing in bank management"

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