Faculty of Accounting and Management Taxation

Educational Work

The compilation of new teaching programmes, the educational and methodological support in Accounting and International Transaction Accounting are major lines of the educational methodology work at the Department. Modern presentations of accounting processes on enterprises are being developed; the teaching process is being intensified by means of the implementation of interdisciplinary training courses in line with the core speciality training. 

Teachers of the Department keep refining, updating and upgrading the educational and methodological aids for disciplines, such as Accounting and International Transaction Accounting using innovative approaches.   The Department entered into an agreement with Antonov Aircraft Development Centre (ANTK) on 13 October 2005 and opened a branch of the Accounting Department there in order to provide high-quality training to specialists in accounting, analysis, control and audit with master degrees, and the pre-diploma internship of students, the improvement of the qualification (internship of teachers), and the potential provision of the ANTK with accounting specialists. The obtained experience is used for the development of the teaching and methodological literature, research papers, monographs, manuals and textbooks, for presentations at conferences and seminars, for the development of recommendations and proposals on the training of specialists, and the development of new accounting, control and audit regulations.

Last redaction: 18.04.19