Faculty of Accounting and Management Taxation

Scientific work

Teachers of the Department are involved into the research into the accounting theory and practice at enterprises, the accounting for foreign trade transactions, the preparation and provision of the financial information for internal and external users for management decision making purposes. The Department is setting up permanent links and is engaged into fruitful research co-operation with leading economic universities of Ukraine, Balans Ukrainian Accounting Club, and other domestic and foreign institutions. 

PhD and ScD theses are being written on a permanent basis. There is a Science and Information Section at the department, which vets textbooks and research papers of teachers and post-graduate students at its meetings. 

Results of the research activities of the Department over the last 5 years are presented in two monographs: "Accounting in Making Strategic Management Decisions: Monograph" and "Consolidated Financial Statements: Theoretical Conceptualisation of the Structure".

Last redaction: 18.12.18