Faculty of Accounting and Management Taxation

Research activities

The research work of the Department into the Improvement of Accounting and Control in Branches of the Agroindustrial Sector is funded from the state budget.  Within the scope of this research subject, the sections of the manual on the application of regulatory and methodological documents of the Ministry of Agroindustrial Policy and the State Tax Administration of Ukraine on the Organisation of Primary Accounting at Agroindustrial Enterprises and Specific Features of the Compilation of Annual Financial Statements by Joint Stock Companies were prepared. Together with the Agrarian Economy Institute Research Centre, the Department developed recommendations on the posting of transactions associated with the reform of agricultural enterprises to accounts. 

The Methodological Recommendations on Planning, Record-keeping and Calculating the Cost of Products (Work, Services) of Agricultural Enterprises developed by the Department to an order of the Ministry of Agroindustrial Policy of Ukraine together with the Ministry of Agroindustrial Policy of Ukraine and the Agrarian Economy Institute Research Centre of the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences turned out to be the most significant work.

Professors V.H. Linnyk and M.M. Kotsupatryi took part in developing Accounting Policy (Standard) 30 "Biological Assets" and Methodological Recommendations on Accounting for Biological Assets.

On occasion of the 100th Anniversary of KNEU, the Department organised an International Scientific Practical Conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of ScD in Economics Professor P.P. Nimchynov, one of the founders of the domestic accounting an d control school in March 2006 on the subject of Formation and Development of Accounting, Control and Analysis in Ukraine.

In February 2010, the Department organised a scientific methodology conference on the subject of "Assurance of Openness, Transparency and Impartiality in the Evaluation of the Quality of the Students' Learning: Experience, Issues and Development Prospects".

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