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The Faculty of Accounting and Tax Management trained future professionals in accounting, taxation, analysis and audit. Good quality of education allows graduates of the University to occupy high positions in domestic enterprises and organizations, as well as international companies.

GRADUATES of "Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman" about our university and faculty

FILOZOP OLEG VOLODYMYROVYCH, graduate of the "KNEU" in 1993 (specialty -" Finance and Credit "), PhD, certified auditor, owner and director of "Audit Firm "NUANS-AUDIT" LLC. His firm provides his clients with audit and accounting services, conducts audit of financial statements, compiled according to national and international standards.

Interview prepared by students of the 5th year: Gordienko Oksana, Gordienko Ulyana and Maysternko Inna (Master's program "Accounting and Audit in Business Administration").
My decision to attend Kyiv National Economics University named after Vadym Hetman (KNEU) was honestly a good decision and I enjoyed every step of the programme. Especially offering the English-Taught Master Programme(MSc Accounting and Audit in Business Management).
I so much love my department (Accounting and Taxation Department). This department has wonderful and informative lecturers and professors! Great attitude and professionalism from all, I loved my experience with all involved).
With the exceptional knowledge I acquired from this noble university I am able to audit companies without hassle. I will recommend you to make a decision today to attend this great institution and your life will never remain the same. In case you are searching for a Master Programme in Accounting, Audit and Taxation, then KNEU is the best University to choose. 

Ziblim Hardi
Department of Cooperatives, Tamale, Ghana

The English-language master's program of KNEU opens up new opportunities for students. By studying this program, you not only increase the English level, but also get an invaluable experience
of communicating with domestic and foreign lecturers.
During your studies, you speak, write, and take tests every day in English. By choosing an
English Master's program, you will learn international standards in the original and will carry out the
tasks of the ACCA program, study the international experience of world-renowned companies.
In this way, you will be accompanied by highly skilled and experienced teachers who will always
help and support you. Under the program, English-language and Ukrainian master's programs differ
little from one another, but here you learn everything in English, which in the future gives you an unquestionable advantage in the labor market.
Mariia Radiiovska
Auditor Assistant,
«AF«P.S.P. Audit»

I would like to express my admiration and thank for organization of this useful and skillful student challenge – English taught master’s program.So, let me underlie specific areas which every participant will benefit from:
- each student will have to think in English while participating in classes; they will have to listen and talk in English - these all are three fundamental approaches to success while learning foreign language;
- secondly, the main accent is put on the practical implementation of accounting, taxation and auditing knowledge in national and international practices, so the graduators will have a complete background for a career start and future growth as a specialist;
- thirdly, it’s a field for your ideas, suggestions, and improvements; the program helps you to develop out of box thinking and benefit both the teaching methods, program’s specific areas and yourself as an individual.
So, do not lose your chance to become a competitive accounting specialist in the challenging labor market.

Tetiana Hryshchenko
Risk andAccount Manager
All-In Tanslations

Crazy XI century globalization leads to learning foreign languages. Today, knowledge of English is not
a privilege, but a must have. Whatever future student would like to do in the future (to be an accountant
or top manager, run own business) everywhere language knowledge is necessary.
That is why, when I heard about the Master’s English program in KNEU, I had no doubt about joining
this specialization.
Communication, study materials, lectures, and practical classes – all this gives an incredible boost for
better knowledge and understanding of a foreign language. Barriers collapse. It makes easier to talk, speak
and even think English.
The teacher’s attitude to students is important, they will always help and support, even if your basic knowledge is not high enough to immediately talk and understand everything.
Student and teacher for 1.5 years go side by side and become better together. Support and mutual assistance makes learning pleasant and productive.
I can say with certainty that the Master’s English program in KNEU is what the successful future specialist will need. It will not be hard anymore to surprise his or her employer with the ability to communicate in English, not only in the professional direction but also to support a small talk which is extremely necessary in order to leave a good impression.
Best regards,
Mariia Lastivka
Sole proprietorship


Studyingat the English-taught master’s programis a great opportunity for a student to achieve high level of education, namely, this is anunique opportunity to study English, which in the future will provide more competitiveness in the labor market, while enrolling in work, because after studying at the program KNEU student becomes highly educated personality and intellectual enrichment.
Another I.V Goethe expressed: "How many languages you know, so many times you are a man!". In practical classes, students not only acquire professional knowledge, but also enhance the literacy skills, increase their communicative competence.
The knowledge of English at KNEU will further enhance the ability to use foreign sources and publications in the field of international accounting and auditing, without further efforts to use international accounting and auditing standards.
Studying in the English-taught master’s program quickly integrates the graduate into the human and European community.
Based on the foregoing, I propose bold and energetic, modern and interested to make a choice to an English master's program.

Yuliya Goloviy


Campus life is interesting, informative and memorable way, which shapes us as a person. I was studying in KNEU on the English program of the  Accounting and tax management faculty.
I hesitated a long time, should you choose the English program? The training gave me the opportunity to improve English and gain knowledge in the field of accounting and auditing. 
I sincerely believe that its success owes to the high level of skill and talent teachers. We also had the opportunity to participate in the program “Two diplomas” in Poland, and I am grateful to the teachers of KNEU for the knowledge that we can apply.

Pecherska Nina


The Faculty of Accounting and Tax Management is popular among students. Specialty "Accounting and Taxation" covers a wide range of competencies in the field of accounting, analysis, audit and taxation, which is a solid foundation for the successful career of our graduates, both in domestic and international companies, public authorities and management.


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